Frequently Asked Questions

Village hours vary depending on each retailer and restaurant. Check retailer and restaurant websites for accurate hours of operation.

Yes, shopping centers are required to be wheelchair accessible. Sawgrass village includes ramps, and other accessible features to ensure that everyone can navigate the village.

The Village provides green spaces for children. Check the Village’s directory for green space locations.

The Village is located in 215 Tourside Drive Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. 32082.

Yes, the Village offers free parking throughout.

Yes, restrooms are available throughout the village. Look for signs or check the directory for their location.

Most retailers do not allow pets, but individual stores may allow them at their discretion. Check with the individual stores for their policy on pets.

Each store has its own return policy, but most stores will allow returns within a certain time frame and with a receipt. Check with the store where you made the purchase for their return policy.